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What is Landscaper.id?

Landscaper.id is an Indonesian traveling community for all photographers and wanderlusts who are eager to share the beauty of Indonesia through their work.

Landscaper.id is a place for photography inspirations, where you can find the next desire to snap the beauty of our land through a camera.


Landscaper will take you on a journey across the best destinations and spots in Indonesia, from one wondrous personal gallery to another.


So let’s explore Indonesia, one shot at a time.

Destinations & Spots

So many places, so little time. Wondering where you should go next? Follow our journey to witness the natural beauty of Indonesia through pictures and colors.

Landscaper.id provides a detailed guide on each destination and spot in Indonesia. Find all the information related with culture and other interesting updates!

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Through our Mentoring Program in each manual or custom trip, Landscaper.id will be the ultimate source of your photography inspiration.

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