Bali hardly needs any introduction. Located at the Nusa Tenggara Island, it is the number one tourism destination in Indonesia loved with worldwide acclaim.

In the beginning of the country’s independence, Bali was a part of Sunda Kecil province with Singaraja as capital. Now it is divided into 3 provinces : Bali, East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara.

Geographically, Bali is located between Java and Lombok islands. To the world, the beauty of Bali lies in the combination of unique tourism spots, breathtaking beaches, and the genuine hospitality from its people to the myriad of artistic culture. Bali is also dubbed as The Island of God and The Island of Thousand Temples. It’s definitely worth at least once of your visit.



There are plenty of access to Bali. First, there’s Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar which becomes the main gateway for both local and international tourists. Secondly, there’s Ketapang Harbour, another gateway across the sea from Banyuwangi.

Best time to visit

Bali is perfect all year round. However, if you’re aiming for photography with the best result then the dry season would be the most recommended timing.

Local Cuisine

One of the most famous local dishes to try is Bebek Betutu or Betutu Duck. Landscaper can try this awesome culinary in almost all restaurants available in Bali.

Where to stay?

Bali has a good variety of accommodation that you can pick based on your budget, preference, location to other different facilities.